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Adaptor Hoists

Tiger Adaptor Hoists are available with our drop-forged clevis adaptor allowing for the interchangeable range of EN1677 Tiger grade 100 at 400°C tempered clevis fittings. These fitting are available for Tiger TCB14 and SS12 chain blocks and PROLH, SS11 and TLH lever hoists.

The Tiger manufactured knuckle configuration gives 360° Rotation and 180° Pivot for  maximum flexibility, whilst maintaining our 4:1 factor of safety at all angles.

  • Tiger adaptor SS12 chain block image
  • Tiger adaptor hoist fitting - Clevis Shackle image
  • Tiger adaptor hoist fitting - Clevis Shackle 2 image
  • Tiger adaptor hoist fitting - Reevable egg (master) link image
  • Tiger adaptor hoist fitting - Reevable egg (master) link 2 image
  • Tiger adaptor hoist fitting - Self-locking (safety) hook image
  • Tiger adaptor hoist fitting - Sling hook image
  • Tiger adaptor hoists 180 degree pivot image
  • Tiger adaptor hoists 360 degree rotation image
  • CE Marking image
  • Knuckle detail image
Tiger adaptor SS11 lever hoist image

Main Features

  • Available for Tiger TCB14/SS12 chain blocks and PROLH/SS11 lever hoists
  • All fittings meet the standards of EN1677 grade 100 at 400°C tempering
  • Drop forged adaptor for maximum strength certified 4:1 FOS at all angles
  • Self-locking (safety) hook, clevis shackle, reevable egg (master) link or sling hook fitting available
  • Overload protection available
  • For lifting at angles (cross hauling/fleeting/drifting) with no deration
  • Chain Blocks – 500kg – 10t capacity
  • Lever Hoists – 800kg – 10t capacity


360° Rotation and 180° Pivot for Maximum Flexibility


 Adaptor Hoist Rotation and Swivel


Please see Tiger TCB, SS12, PROLH, SS11 and TLH data sheets for more technical information and dimensions on the hoist bodies and chain.



Each unit comes fully certified with a test certificate or an EC Declaration of Conformity stating compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Due to our policy of continual product development, dimensions, weights and specifications may change without prior notice. Please check with your Tiger sales team when ordering.

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Tiger Lifting manufacture and provide the full range of Tiger hoisting and winching products globally, including the Tiger Subsea Lifting range. We have recently increased our range to include high quality height safety hardware products.

We have close partnerships with successful lifting equipment distributors across the world. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction mean we will continue to develop our products by working closely with our customers.

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